MOVIE TIME! #OneWorldInSchool

 Do you live in Bujanovac, Vranje, Lebane or Presevo?

Do you like watching movies?

Are you interested in current social issues?

Do you like to meet new people, discuss and exchange opinions?

If your answer is yes, this is the right thing for you! We invite you to sign up for a workshop where we will watch documentaries, exchange impressions, listen to each other and learn something new.

By watching movies, we participate in sharing the stories and experiences of other people. In that way, we deepen our own understandings , we develop empathy, the ability to listen and the will to change.

A total of 4 workshops will be held. If you are from Bujanovac - see you on Monday, August 2. If you are from Vranje, we will hang out on Tuesday, August 3. We are in Presevo on Wednesday, August 4, and if you are from Lebane, see you on Thursday, August 5.

Applications are open until August 2.

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